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Latest Outdoor Plant Trends For 2019

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Native plants are a good option if you want to be up-to-date with outdoor plant trends for 2019. These plants look beautiful all year, require very little water, are easy to maintain, and are environmentally friendly. Recyclable pots are an option if you want to grow them in containers. This is a great way of going green. You can even use edible plants such as wild violets, dandelions, and wild violets.

Overdevest makes great sedum tiles for those who have limited space. These mats that look like carpets are made of short sedum sedum types are a great option to manage erosion and create an oasis in your yard. These mats are made from coconut fiber and placed directly on the soil. Sedges, which are grass-like plants, have also become a hot item this year. They are good for the environment and attract diverse pollinators.

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The new trend for planting is to go green. Many landscapers predict that the hottest outdoor plant trend of 2019 will be native plants. These include everything from artificial turf to container gardens. The newest gardening trends will appeal to those who are interested in conserving the environment. You can store your garden supplies in reusable pots. This year, consider using vintage containers. Some of these containers are even more fashionable than traditional ones.

The popularity of colorful foliage is also rising in 2019. This trend includes begonias, heuchera, plum, and red. Other popular colors are orange, chartreuse or red. Smart products allow gardeners to manage water levels and light. Hydroponic gardening can help you keep outdoor plant messes down to a minimum. This option will save you time, energy, and money.

The next big trend for gardening is to create a sustainable ecosystem. Urban gardeners can even plant their own fruit. Even if your gardening skills aren't up to par, you could still buy a tree/shrub for your backyard. You'd be amazed at how many fruits your garden can produce with only a few pounds of water. If you're growing your own fruits, consider this trend and consider your budget when planning your garden.

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The use of sedges is another trend in outdoor plant trends for 2019. These plants can be used in any part of the sun and are easy to maintain. These plants can also be used to extend the season. You can even grow them as a container! These plants are easy to grow and can even be extended for longer periods of time. There's no reason not to have some sort of plant in your yard.

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How much light does a tree need?

It depends on which plant it is. Some plants need 12 hours direct sunlight each day. Others prefer 8 to 10 hours of indirect sun. The majority of vegetables require 10 hours of direct sunshine per 24 hour period.

Are pots possible to grow fruit trees?

Yes! Yes, pots are possible to grow fruit trees if space is tight. Ensure your pot has drainage holes so excess moisture won't rot the tree. Make sure the pot is deep enough for the root ball to be held. This will keep the tree from becoming stressed.

What vegetables can you grow together?

The combination of tomatoes and peppers is great because they love the same temperatures and soil conditions. They work well together as tomatoes need heat to ripen and peppers need lower temperatures for optimal flavor. If you want to try growing them together, start seeds indoors about six weeks before planting them. When the weather is warm, transplant the pepper and tomato plants outside.


  • According to a survey from the National Gardening Association, upward of 18 million novice gardeners have picked up a shovel since 2020. (wsj.com)
  • It will likely be ready if a seedling has between 3 and 4 true leaves. (gilmour.com)
  • 80% of residents spent a lifetime as large-scale farmers (or working on farms) using many chemicals believed to be cancerous today. (acountrygirlslife.com)
  • Most tomatoes and peppers will take 6-8 weeks to reach transplant size so plan according to your climate! - ufseeds.com

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How To

How can I keep weeds at bay in my vegetable yard?

Growing vegetables that are healthy is not possible due to weeds. They are a threat to water, nutrients and sunlight as well as for space. These tips can help prevent them taking over your garden.

  1. Take out all flowering plants
  2. Take out any plant debris from the base of your plant
  3. Mulch is a good choice
  4. Water regularly
  5. Rotate crops
  6. Don't allow the grass to grow too long
  7. Keep soil moist
  8. Plant early
  9. Harvest often
  10. Mix compost
  11. Avoid using chemical pesticides
  12. Organic vegetables are best
  13. Get heirloom seed
  14. Start small
  15. Learn more about companion planting
  16. Be patient
  17. Enjoy gardening!


Latest Outdoor Plant Trends For 2019